I belive in faith

Jacob - solon, Ohio
Entered on January 14, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

I woke up on a sunny Saturday morning to the sweet smell of the dark rich coffee my mom was making. I slowly got up and walked down stairs like a turtle crawling around for hours. I started yelling, “Mom get ready we’re going to Mr. Cards and Comics.”

Mr. Cards and Comics is a card and comic shop where a bunch of people get together to trade cards, enter the Yugioh tournament that is held there every Saturday or just hang out. If I won the tournament I would get $50 in store credit. Today I was sure to win because I had finally assembled an idea! A Six Samurai deck. By the time I finished strategizing my deck, mom said “Lets go I’m ready.”

As we pulled up, I saw a cluster of people standing and waiting for the store to open like a bunch of freezing savages fighting over the only heat source within miles. In the store I saw my friend and we started talking about how super, special, awesome this day was going to be. Then, I immediately gave the store owner five dollars to enter me into the tournament. Suddenly the store owner yelled, “The tournament is starting”. I listened for my name. “Jacob plays Danny”. Danny and I sat down and started dueling. A couple hours and 4 matches later, which I had won all four I was in the finals.

I had battled some good and hard decks, but now I had to battle Tom with the invincible Lightsworn deck. That’s it, I was done for!!!

Tom and I sat down to duel and then we rolled the dice. Getting the higher roll, I chose to go first. I drew five mediocre cards. He then attacked my life points directly.

That was it: I had lost the first duel that quickly! I had to win the next two duels to win the match, which was almost impossible. We started the second duel and as soon as Tom drew, he gave up because he said he had a bad hand and would just win the next game. Now, I needed one more victory to win the match and it was a good thing that I had faith on my side.

We started the third duel and I would go first so I drew 4 powerful cards. I needed to draw one more card. I said, “Please, please, please great Yugioh gods let me draw Hand of the Six Samurai”, and then closed my eyes and drew one card. I felt the sweat trickling down my face, every bone in my body tensed up, then I opened my eyes and it was Hand of the Six Samurai. I had done it! Faith has made me draw this card.

I looked up at Tom, smiled, and said, “It’s all over for you man”

He replied, “We’ll see about that”.

A couple minutes later all my monsters attacked his life points directly and he was obliterated! I had done it. I had won the tournament. The store owner walked up to me, raised my hand, and said, “Jacob is the new Yugioh champion for the week”. He gave me $50 and said “Good job man”.

In the car I sat and thought to myself how a simple urban boy like me is the Yugioh champion all thanks to faith. Faith has saved me many times and if it wasn’t for

faith I don’t think I would have been in this kind of position. I owe faith a lot and that day I knew that I had faith on my side.