Thoughts of a teenager…

Julie - Lacey, Washington
Entered on January 14, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that the right to bear arms should never be taken away because then everything will go down the drain. There will no longer be a way to protect yourself.

Taking away guns is the worst thing you could possibly do in this day and age, as that means many people will no longer be able to protect themselves and their loved ones. I mean think, actually think about the way some peoples minds work. No matter what you do, the people who do have guns, who got their guns illegally will still be able to get those guns, the guns they use to commit crimes. Seriously, how do you think they get them now? People cannot just walk in to a gun store one day and walk out with a gun. In order to obtain a gun you have to go through a gun safety course, have a clean criminal record, and be of age. No matter what anyone does guns will still be found in the wrong hands, at this day and age, you can’t expect to ban guns and then not have them smuggled in just like drugs. You take guns from the average law abiding citizen and those criminals that have already obtained unregistered guns would literally own the street, there would be no such thing as safe anymore.

School shootings those are the result of bad parenting. Teach your children right. Guns are not a toy. Guns are not to be taken to school. To kill without just cause is wrong. To not see your child has issues and needs guidance is wrong. To not teach your child that guns are dangerous when mishandled. Those things all reflect on the parent. As a parent you must learn to see changes in your child’s behavior to protect others and their children if you own firearms or know someone who does. If you want to make it harder for guns to be obtained by younger children, start a law up requiring every person who owns a gun must keep that gun in a safe, and the safe must be locked. Motor vehicles kill more children than firearms do, so what are you going to ban motor vehicles or make it mandatory that every driver, no matter the age must attend a driver’s education course?

Back in November someone tried to tell me guns were bad because she had to hear her neighbor die cause someone shot him. She started crying when that little thing didn’t make me walk away she stormed off crying just because she thought that the gun had killed that neighbor. In truth, no the gun didn’t kill their neighbor, it was someone, a person pulled the trigger. No one can help that. It has been attempted too many times to take guns away from the American citizen. The Supreme Court has already ruled that the second amendment should be left alone.