This I Believe

Joshua - rochester, New York
Entered on January 14, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

I am 16 going on 20. I am speaking what I believe. Life’s going fast, many opportunities, many requirements, and pressure. Where to go to school, what to do as an adult, when to do it all. I am josh and this is my belief. I believe that life is full of experiences, hard times and really great times, and through the hard times I believe that everybody should turn and trust in God. God is every where’s, in the pledge of allegiance, on the dollar bill, and guess what even in a Baptist church. Sometimes everybody forgets and second guess him but no matter what god will be there and will always be there. Through my life experience it can show how greatly God is and how you can trust in him anytime and anything. This past July a miracle baby was born. My niece Isabella seemed perfect when she came out but just after a day of joy and excitement the nurse noticed weird color in her face, which meant she had lack of oxygen, and to find the reason they had to examine. After examining they figured out that miracle baby Isabella was born missing a wall in her heart. This missing wall was supposed to be separating the bad and good blood and it wasn’t there to do that. Just hearing this you know its bad. As for baby Isabella she needed open heart surgery. This was devastation to the whole entire family, friends and church. This was going to be the changing point to my brother’s life in sister in laws as well. Seeing as my brother and sister in law were strong believers in Jesus Christ they turned there faith and trust to him for protection on the surgery of there week old baby. Isabella safely made it through the surgery, but she had been in the hospital for months after up until this past September. That was two months of unusual living and no working for my brother and sister in law. As of now my niece is just fine and my brother and sister in law are still strong believers in Jesus Christ and have full faith in God. This is my belief and my life experience.