This I belive. Long Lost Love

Suzette - Jacksonville, Florida
Entered on January 14, 2009
Age Group: 30 - 50
Themes: love

This I believe, I’ve watched many stories time after time, but never did I think that these words would be mine. Young and in love that’s what we were; boot camp and the Navy, my, what a blur; Twenty years later now forty and divorced, life has now twisted and taken a new course. You called me, I answered, my heart filled with glee. You opened old wounds that just couldn’t be. We never had closure, the Navy kept us apart; East Coast and West Coast that’s just the start. In three days we’ll meet after all these years. Shaking at my feet and smiling with tears. What to expect, we both just don’t know. Waiting is hard, but I’m ready to go. Only time can tell if our love will be strong. It survived over twenty years and that’s pretty darn long. My long lost love is who you are, now destined forever and written in the stars.

I was seventeen and he was nineteen, it was 1983, boot camp in Orlando sunny and free. He would march by with his unit shouting their cadence; I would march by with my face looking straight forward. Chow time I’d see him, just leaving his table, in church I would see him but I still wasn’t able. We couldn’t talk, it wasn’t allowed, fraternization was always a no no and highly frowned upon.

Graduation came and liberty bells rang, off base I went the party began. Mariners club, that’s where we met, he left who he came with and we danced the night away. From that point on we were inseparable until the time came when the Navy said its time to go.

Now stationed in Miramar, F-14 plane captain, he was in Great Lakes and we decided to meet. 1985 was the last time I saw him. We met at his parent house in Muskegon Michigan. It was a wonderful time, I still remember, promises were made, words of love were said; I didn’t know if I would see him again.

I thought I was forgotten so I committed to another, days before I was getting married he called and said I still love you come be with me in Hawaii. I couldn’t just leave; I’m committed to my words I married this marine and had two wonderful children. Still in my heart and 5 years later; I called when I was divorced and to my surprise, he was getting married in 3 days. Our timing seemed off; he stuck to his commitment and married the woman he had given his word.

Its now 25 years later, I finally get a call, his sister said things aren’t good at all. His wife cheated on him and his heart was really low, so I told her to tell him that my love always flowed.

February 2006 my long lost love found his way back to me, proposed 7 days later and now we’re married and happy. His words that will live with me now and forever; “you have got to die before me because I’ll never let you live with out me ever again”.