Impossible is Nothing

Lindsay - Rochester, New York
Entered on January 14, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

Impossible is nothing! You can do anything and everything. Becoming a professional athlete is a huge dream for many. To become a Michael Jordan, a Mia Hamm, a Derek Jeter, a Tiger Woods, or even a Terrell Owens, is a fantasy to many, meaning that many people wish and dream that they could be a famous athlete that they all.

Impossible is nothing, doesn’t have to be related to just sports it can be in history also. People said that we will never have a black president of the United States of America and in 2009 a black president will be sworn in office. Impossible is nothing.

Impossible is nothing means that no challenge can stand in your way. The 1996 World Cup was held in the United States. Women soccer was in sports, but not many people supported them. They shocked everyone and sold out Giants stadium, more than a professional men’s football team, The New York Giants. They showed the world that, yes, we are women and, yes, we are just as good as men. They defeated China in a shootout for the 99 World Cup. Greatest memory in women’s sports ever. Impossible is nothing.

Michael Jordan tried out for the varsity basketball team during his sophomore year. He was 5 feet 11inches. He was too short, and he was cut. He trained throughout the summer and grew four inches to six foot three inches and stopped at nothing until he made the team. He has been a legend ever since. Impossible is nothing.

Women aren’t always treated as well as men are in sports. Many think that men are better. I believe that women are just as equal as men are in sports. Mia Hamm has proven this time and time again. She has scored more international goals in her career than any other player, male or female, in the history of the sport, at 158 goals. She joined the U.S. national team at age 15, becoming the youngest player ever on the team. She has shown that no challenge shall stand in her way because, impossible is nothing.

Derek Jeter is one other athlete that proves impossible is nothing. On opening day of the 1996 season Jeter started at shortstop the first Yankee rookie since Tom Tresh in 1962 to do so. He also had his first major league home run on the same day. He went on with his success for hitting for a .314 batting average, ten home runs, and 78 RBIs and earned the rookie of the year honor. Impossible is nothing.

Tiger Woods has made 769,440,709 dollars from 1996 to 2007. He is predicted to become the world’s first athlete to surpass one billion dollars earned. He has earned more major wins and career PGA wins than any other active golfer. He is the youngest to achieve the career grand slam and the youngest and fastest to win fifty tournaments on tour. Impossible is nothing.

When Terrell Owens went to college he wasn’t a distinguished athlete at first, but managed to break through. In his sophomore year he caught 38 passes for 724 yards and eight touchdowns. In his junior year, h caught 32 passes 357 yards for three touchdowns. In his final college year, Terrell Owens was in double coverage every week and was limited to 43 passes for 663 yards, and one touchdown. He held the reception record at Tennessee, Chattanooga until 2007. Impossible is nothing.

Impossible is nothing for MJ, Mia Hamm, Jeter, Tiger Woods, and even TO. They have all proven that statement over and over again in sports, not only in sports but also in politics. Having an African American president was unheard of until now. On January 20th, 2009 president elect, Barack Obama, will be the first African American president of the United States of America. From what our country was, divided into north and south with slavery, banding blacks from professional sports like Jackie Robinson who was the first African American to play professional baseball who would have even thought that our country would come this far. Obama is on the way to putting this country back on track. No challenges shall stand in his way, we can do anything. Impossible is nothing.

I have always dreamt of becoming a professional athlete. That has been one of my biggest dreams. To be a Mia Hamm or even just to meet her seems unreal to me. I have always wanted to meet the best soccer player in the world, but have never got the chance and don’t think will ever get the chance. She has gone her separate way from soccer, retired and is living the dream that she has always wanted, of being a mother. On March 28th at 1:30 in the afternoon Mia Hamm and husband Nomar Garciaparra welcomed twin girls, Grace Isabella and Ava Caroline, into the world. Never know they could be the next best soccer athlete.

Impossible is nothing!