I beilieve

Emily - Rochester, New York
Entered on January 14, 2009
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: love

I believe that love conquers all. Love is a natural thing that every living thing in this world has the ability to feel. Love is kind, love is never impatient and love always gives second chances. Love is a heart wrenching subject to a lot of people. Love doesn’t just mean a relationship. You can love your family, your neighbor, your best friends and even your pets.

Love is a beautiful gift to life, but love also has rules. The first rule is, don’t give up on love at any cost. Giving up on love for something else like money or an object is wrong and in the long run it is regrettable. The second rule is, don’t play around with love. Playing with someone’s heart for your entertainment is horrible and it hurts other people. The third rule is, make good decisions when faced with hard choices. Love is an important factor to life so thinking long and hard about a decision may be a good idea.

Love doesn’t mean jealousy, lust, fighting, regrets, hate, and disbelief. In other words, despiteful and negative feelings ruin relationships and being truthful always helps out when two start to grow apart. Love does mean Justice, decisions, good people, friends, family and relationships.

Without love then we wouldn’t have lasted this long in this world because I believe that love is the reason why the world goes ‘round. I believe that love conquers all.