Creativity makes the world go round

Alyson - University Park, Pennsylvania
Entered on January 14, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: creativity

In Albert Einstein’s words, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.”

I believe that life is nothing without creativity. Creativity makes the world go round. Creativity equals individuality creating your very own personality. Without art life would be like a working machine with all matching parts; no excitement, no change just work. There’s something very dull about that thought. But…

Art brings love, it brings life to life!

Dancing and singing are my arts. But dancing is my creativity.

Right before I decided I wanted to write this I had spent 4 hours dancing and didn’t stop till 12 am. It was amazing. During my practice my mom called and asked what I was doing. When I replied that I was at dance practice she got a bit angered telling me that there were more important things I should be doing for school other than dancing. She continued making it seem as if what I was doing was a waste of my time. It’s not a waste of my time.

This is the moment I decided to write a This I Believe.

I believe that my life would be nothing without dance. I can’t live one day without the art of expression through movement; I dance everyday. Dance to me equals life, it’s what I live for.

Everything could be going wrong in my life but dance has never left my side. When I feel angered dance is my release, sad, betrayed, loved, or hated I dance.

Art is a safe way to release your feelings whether it’s through music, singing, dancing, painting, sculpting or even writing.

To my mother I’d like to say that I’m sorry but this is my heart. Without a heart you cannot live. I can’t live without dance. Whether I’m poor, rich, or well off in life I will never give this up.

Personality shines through every move. It could be my facial expressions, how I hit, my attitude or the swing in my feet.

It’s the movement in my body, my heart racing when I’m out of breath, the soul thought that I’ve completed something in my life, that I made something so beautiful that others can learn from and appreciate and begin to understand who I am and how I feel. When I dance I think of nothing else but what I feel, it’s like my life makes sense and I realize what’s important to me. I guess you could say it clears my mind. I become so proud of myself when I dance, this makes me happy.

I believe everyone should have a chance to feel how I feel about myself when I dance. Everyone needs to find their creativity and who they are. I am dance.