What I Value

Christopher - Sinking Spring, Pennsylvania
Entered on January 13, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30

Being only eighteen years old, I cannot think of a true life changing experience that I have had. I have not done anything to change the world. I have not gone on a mission to Africa to feed the hungry. I have not discovered a cure for a deadly disease.

Unfortunately at my age, all I am thinking about is the college application process and for some of the selective schools, one of the above-mentioned accomplishments seems to be a prerequisite for admission. As much as I wish that I could put something like that on my applications, I am content with the eighteen-year-old high school senior that I am today. I say this because I believe that one life changing experience, no matter how significant, cannot even come close in comparison to the small, seemingly insignificant experiences that I have every day.

Big life changing experiences happen rarely and in my case, have yet to happen. To sit back and wait for one to happen is a waste of time. That is why I like to focus on the small things in life that occur every day. Life is made up of these small things that have a tendency to be forgotten about. Life is not defined by that one remarkable experience because in comparison to the rest of life, that one experience is still just one day in a long life.

My day as a high school student is very regimented. It consists of the same classes at the same time five days a week. Yet every day, something new happens. No, not something that will be featured on the evening news. The news is just for airing the life changing events that happen to a few people that day. What happens every day in my life does not need to be featured on the evening news because it will last forever in my memory as well as my heart. Whether it is laughing with a few of my friends at lunch or simply seeing different people as I walk to class, I will remember these little things for the rest of my life because these are the things in life that really matter. When I come home after school, I am blessed with a loving family who cares a lot about me. Friends and family are the people who I spend each and every day with and they are the people who make life worth living.

I would be lying if I said that I would not love to find the cure for a deadly disease or do something to change the world. However, I would also be lying if I said that I would trade all of my seemingly insignificant experiences that I have had over the years with friends and family for one of these life-changing experiences. The small moments in life are the ones that will last forever in my heart, even if they aren’t what society considers newsworthy.