Relfection in a Mitsubishi Mirage

Melissa - Ames, Iowa
Entered on January 13, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in self-reflection. I believe each of us needs alone time to re-center our lives and find peace.

This world is chaotic and rushed. We are constantly on the clock; chunking our days into pieces—perfectly scheduled segments of time. Every minute is labeled. Shower. Drive to school. Chorus. Chemistry. English. Band. Lunch break. Media. Spanish. Dance team practice. Change clothes. Work. Dinner. Homework. Facebook and email. Sleep from 11:30 pm- 6 am. Wake up. Shower. REPEAT. This routine is exhausting. The truth is: We put ourselves last. We have completely forgotten the importance of taking time to reflect on our lives.

Driving around Ames may seem like a waste of time to some, but personally I value my time spent alone on the road. About once a week I get in my car, crank up my music and belt it out while I explore the streets of Ames. I wind around on the pavement aimlessly searching. I’m usually not searching for a physical place- but a mental or emotional state of being. I lose myself and completely open my mind and heart to reflection of my current life. This activity is therapeutic in a way. Just having the freedom to drive, sing as loudly as I want or think about whatever I need to. Sometimes I find myself at the door of a friend. Other times I’ll even break into tears at an emotional thought passing through my mind. My brain goes wild-covering more ground than I can keep up with. Every time I step into my car I’m surrounded by the familiar scent that fills my nostrils. I rest my right hand on the worn grey fabric of the seat using only my left hand to steer the wheel. I’m completely comfortable in this place. My car is like a sanctuary and it holds many of my secrets and stories in the seat cushions. I’m not afraid to be myself or face the real truth when I’m in my car.

This I believe: We all need an escape in which we can get away from “real life” and reflect. The location isn’t important, just find somewhere; a neighborhood coffee shop, the park down the street or the white Mitsubishi Mirage sitting in the driveway. Any means of escape will suffice, but we must first find our place of peace.