The Parents

Christopher - Christiansburg, Virginia
Entered on January 13, 2009
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family, love

I believe in obeying your parents. Before you think to yourself, no, I am not getting paid from an adult or teacher, to type this. Countless times I hear one of my parents yelling out of a room for me to go do the dishes, take my dog outside, fold the clothes, take out the trash, or to help clean and dust the house. As I grumble an “O.K.” (Usually I ignore them for a few minutes until they know that I can hear them), I do whatever they have asked me to do, slowly, unwillingly, and the least I can do of that certain task. Or, I ask them a countless amount of times, “Why?” they won’t let me do something when I want to, and they respond with the cliché, “Because I said so!” That boils every nerve in my body because that phrase is not a reason; it is usually an excuse because they cannot think of a logical reason for refusal. I always think to myself whenever they refuse to let me go somewhere or do something with my friends that I cannot wait to live by myself and to do whatever I want to do when I turn eighteen. So once I’m finally out of the house (I have been waiting for this moment since birth) I can now buy my own things, go to the places I want to go (especially WHEN I want to go), and see the people I want to see. I’ve been waiting for this freedom and now that I have it, I do not know what to do (because there is really a lot of stuff to do). Should I play a game all night, go out and date a really good looking girl, or go out with my friends to do whatever we feel like doing till late at night. Then I realize I have to go finish college and search for a job. When I interview for a few jobs worrying what I did wrong at the interview, I finally receive a call telling me to be there first thing in the morning. Once I go to my job and work throughout a whole eight hour shift and return home exhausted, I realize I have to do this over, and over, and over again in this monotone environment. But, then something comes to my mind. What would I have done without them? Every single day, I have been blessed beyond belief with what my parents have done for me. I have food, clothing, but not only regular old clothing, expensive, clean clothes, shelter, a school to go to, pets, encouragement for everyday things, entertainment, television, a computer, the internet, church, heat, air conditioning, and loving, caring parents who would do anything for me. And, I had more freedom and could do more things. Throughout your childhood and teenage years, I had the opportunity to have fun after school and on the weekends every single day and my parents trusted me and let me do more opportunities than I realized. So, if you didn’t get anything from this paper, be sure to thank your parents, or whoever takes care of you, for everything.