Avalon McMullen

Avalon - Christiansburg, Virginia
Entered on January 13, 2009
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: love

I believe in true love. I am a sixteen year-old girl with a part-time job. Though born in Albany, New York, I have lived in Virginia for ten years. I have been through my parents’ divorce, my mom’s unstable emotions, and the remarrying of one parent, and I have been in love with the same person for almost three years.

I met Daniel in fifth grade; we began to talking when I was in eighth grade and started dating a month before my fourteenth birthday when he was seventeen. Daniel was life-threateningly sick when I started to get to know him, though he went to my school, he was too sick to attend. He recovered in time to attend the last month of school and that was the one and only time we have seen each other everyday, for more than four days. In the summer I moved to Christiansburg, Virginia an hour and a half away from him. We were able to stay together by the grace of my parents, allowing him to visit me every two weeks for four hours. Then, I was a freshmen and he was a senior in high school. He graduated Galax High School and went to Wytheville Community College to be certified in phlebotomy. During this most recent summer, I was able to see him once a week for five hours, this continued to my junior year. He began to consider moving to Christiansburg to work in a hospital and be closer to me, but he was suddenly out of a job and could find no means for income.

Daniel turned to the military. Before he fell ill, he was intending to go into the Army and until recently his health issues had prevented him from even considering this option again. He has chosen to become a military police officer through the U.S. Air Force, and serve for six years. My life is never going to be as it was. After he graduates and is given his base, his first assignment will most likely be over-seas and I will see him for six days every two months. If I do not marry him before I go to college, I will not see him more often than that for the duration of five years. If I make that decision, when I graduate college I will have been with him for nine years and not seen him everyday for longer than a month.

I believe in true love, it has proven itself to me therefore; I plan to marry Daniel when I turn eighteen. Though I do not see him very often, I have talked to him approximately every day before he left for basic training and since his graduation of BMT. His presence is immense in my life, and I love him like no other. We have made it through multiple tough times over the years, coming out happier than ever, and though we fear this upcoming separation, we do not intend to let it keep us from our happiness together.