Cirlces of Life

Theresa - Fort Wayne, Indiana
Entered on January 13, 2009
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family, hope

I believe in rings. I have two hands and ten fingers, and on those ten fingers are six rings that I wear everyday. These rings are not something I randomly found, or got out of a cheap, movie theater vending machine, most of my rings were given to me by the people in my life that affect me the most.

The first ring I received was from my mom about four years ago. This ring was given to me as a Confirmation present. Although I loved it, I think I only wore the ring about four times after my Confirmation. Today however, the delicate pink diamond ring is on my left hand, right under the ring my dad gave me.

I was given this particular ring two years ago when my dad went on his third business trip to China. My dad and I have never gotten along, but in order in us to remain somewhat civil, distance seems to be our savior. Halfway around the world in a country that speaks a language so foreign to me, my dad found a ring that like my other six rings, I now wear everyday.

This ring has three words on it, “sweet on you,” and although those words are not a proficient interpretation of English, they have a certain meaning to them. Those words are the definition of my dad and I. Although it may seem as if we speak different languages, on those rare occasions when distance brings us together, my dad will go out of his way to try and understand my foreign language.

My next three rings do not have a particular story to them, but that does not mean they are less important. One of the rings was given to me from my grandpa, who although may be extremely outspoken, has one of the most caring hearts I know. The other two rings were made by me, along with my last one, which became the start of my ring wearing.

A year ago, my mom was admitted into Lutheran Hospital. Both of her kidneys were failing, and her immune system was slowly attacking itself. Doctors had no idea what was wrong with her, and being the natural worrier she is, my mom was making herself worse. Our relationship had become stronger than ever, but little did she know, her hopeless attitude was tearing me apart as well. Since I could not be with her at all times, I gave my mom my ring which now resembles my strength. She wore that ring everyday until she got so skinny that it no longer fit any of her fingers. A month later, she finally came home and gave me my strength back.

In life, you won’t always have your loved ones by your side, but a simple reminder they’re there, makes all the difference. I have my reminders on me everyday; I have my family, hope, love, and strength. Eventually, I will have to learn to live without those six reminders once I replace them with one that will change my life forever; my wedding ring. But for now, those circles of life will remain on my fingers, where they belong.