Give me a Break Already

Ben - Christiansburg, Virginia
Entered on January 13, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

This I believe; Get over it! There is always someone out there with bigger problems than you so shut your mouth and get over. I have lived a life that others can’t even imagine. Even considering that I know that there are people that got it worse off than me. I got my girl, my god, and my good memories and that is all that I need to have a good life. Give me a break already!!!

I can’t stand all of these sayings that people have to try and say something smart and make life seem like it isn’t as crappy as it really is. Life is fair…everybody dies. What goes around comes around…unless you know how to duck. You see a real person during a crisis…unless they forgot that mask. I am tired of hearing about all this sensitive boo whoo whining about everything out there in the big bad world. Give me a break already!!!

If your house has flooded twelve times and you haven’t moved yet I hope you don’t have kids. If you live in a place where hurricanes, tornados, or earthquakes are regular; MOVE! If you have thirteen piercing in one ear, twenty two in the other and a bull ring in your nose and you have the audacity to get mad at me for looking at you funny, I will hand you a mirror so you can get mad at your own self. Give me a break already!!!

I’m sick of hearing people getting upset over not having enough money to buy the newest convertible or the latest in greatest cell phone. They are throwing fits over not having everything this celebrity has or that singer has. Myself and others have and have had problems with not having the money for rent or the water bill. I’m done hearing about how much these kids are upset over getting grounded from the play station or having their car privileges taken away. I didn’t get grounded, I got sent to work so that I would learn how to do something with myself. I didn’t get my car taken away I was given the opportunity to walk the four miles to work until I had the couple hundred dollars to by my truck. Give me a break already!!!

The world is a messed up place and all of these people are so worried about how their stock portfolio is doing that they miss the fact the sun came up this morning, painted the sky red and orange, and gave life to everything. The birds sang, you took your first breath of the day, and if you were lucky you woke up next to a husband or wife. You had your coffee and breakfast as usual and didn’t even take the time to realize the magnificent process that it took to make that orange that is sliced up on your plate or the fact that you have the money to buy everything in your home that you have passed. Shut up, open your eyes, take a deep breath, and Give me a break already!!!!!!!!