Water: Liquid Lesson on Life

Ian - Rockford, Michigan
Entered on January 13, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: nature

I believe that water is the drink of life. Not solely because it is the one sure thing every organism needs to survive, but because within it’s characteristic lies some truth about how one should live. Humans are around eighty percent water. So logically, learning from water means we can learn more about ourselves. Water personifies the image of a good life.

Water is easy-going. It always takes the path of least resistance, working its way around rocks and other such obstacles whenever possible. We should take the path of least resistance when it comes to dealing with obstacles in our lives, always causing as little damage as possible. We should be easy-going, always willing to avoid harm to anything else whenever possible.

Water defies the physical laws of the world. Due to it’s polar nature, and capillary action, water can occasionally defy the laws of gravity. It can climb up the edge of test tubes higher than the water level around the tube, and can be absorbed by plant roots against gravity. When frozen, water doesn’t contract like most other substances. Instead, it expands, making frozen water less dense than normal water, allowing for organisms to survive in frozen over lakes. Water teaches us to be unique. Like water, humans have a great capacity for differentiating ourselves from the world and it’s limits. We can adapt, change, and problem solve. Water teaches us that we don’t always have to be bound to the norms of this world, physical, social, or any other kind.

Water is best when it’s pure. There’s nothing better than a cool, crisp glass of water. But if we add some dirt or other material not meant for drinking, it gets murky. As we add more dirt, it gets darker and murkier, until all we see is a brown mass of liquidy dirt, which we all know is far worse than a cool glass of pure water. This is water teaching us that we’re at our best when our life is pure, free from our own life’s dirt, whether that dirt is made of hypocrisy, dishonesty, adultery, or anything else that mucks up and makes our life look darker. The one hope is that water also teaches us that our life always has a chance to be pure again, no matter how mucked up it may get. Through the water cycle, water that has been used before, or dirtied by the dirt or other earthly materials, can become clean. Water can rise above the world through evaporation, the best-known water purification system, and falls back to earth as pure water. This system shows us that, as even the dirtiest water can become clean, so can our lives be free of our own personal dirt.

Water is a substance that we, as beings who are at least eighty percent water, that we must learn from to understand ourselves. It shows us that we must be easy going and able to follow the path of least resistance. It shows us that we must be unbounded by the world and its limits. It shows us that we must be pure, and that we are capable of doing so no matter how dirtied up our life gets. I believe that water is the drink of life.