Sweatpants:style,comfort, enlightenment

DJ - Rockford, Michigan
Entered on January 13, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30

Imagine getting home from the daily grind of traffic, school, a job, homework, bills, family issues, friend issues, the stock market, maybe a car accident, spilling coffee on your clothes while trying to resolve friend issues in traffic, or getting fried. The first thing you do is change out of stiff jackets and tight slacks into comfort clothing, some nice warm sweatpants. Yea baby, I believe in Sweatpants. Sweatpants are the cornerstone of comfort clothing, from them have branched sweat shorts, gauchos, and their brother pajama pants are closely related, but can be a bit drafty and therefore not as effective as sweatpants. When worn in the home sweatpants combo with the air of safety and confidence, the UPS man could deliver a package to my mother and she stumbles to the door in a sleepy stupor, looking more like a zombie from the thriller video than a human, and be completely confident and unembarrassed by her appearance. This is just one example of their awesome power of this clothing of the gods. Sweatpants create a mood that gives you a Superman mentality that could be considered by some as cocky.

The key to the sweatpants is the comfort, the warmth, the way they flow naturally with the body, the warm fuzzy feeling that makes you not want to wash them because you’re scared that they’ll lose that feeling. When worn outside the home, sweats can cause that feeling of homeliness, to carry over no matter where one goes and this creates a freedom because by wearing the sweatpants and choosing comfort you display that you’re confident in how you look. By choosing sweats you simply state that you don’t care how strangers think of you and that you’re physical comfort is more important than some snoots feeling that you’re a lower life form because you’re not wearing Gucci jeans.

When this feeling is acquired and it’s locked in, that’s when the freedom comes. It’s a freedom that makes a person able to dance like a fool, even when there’s no music, to speak well and openly in crowded places, maybe even to someone you don’t know. It makes someone able to leave their number for the cute waitress or talk to the cute biology lab, or stand up to that jerk from the office who gives you crap for using blue ink instead of black. Sweatpants may not answer all your problems but in the very least they’ll make you feel really, really good.