Cookies Could Save The World

Michelle - Belmont, Michigan
Entered on January 13, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30

As we move through our daily lives, people are often a blur. It is easy for them to become this way; schools, workplaces, city streets are all constructed to be conducive to these fleeting interactions. When the day is done though, if all we are left with is a hello to the coffee shop cashier we see every day or a nod at the secretary at the front desk at work we are not left with much. I believe that letting life and the people it brings to us go by without more than an acknowledgement of their presence is not living. For this reason I believe in cookies. For me, cookies are that way to reach out. Over the last 4 years of my life I have witnessed cookies do amazing things; they have brought people and stories to me I would never had encountered otherwise, they have turned classes, days, even weeks around, and have inspired countless smiles and exclamations of joy, which in my experience are quite contagious. When I bake cookies, my day becomes a cookie day. Whether it is planned or spur of the moment, there has never been a bad cookie day. I could explain this through the magic of sugar, butter and frosting; however, it is more. I know it’s more each time I hear the surprise in the voice of someone when I hand them a Gingersnap or a No Bake. Most the time it is so much more than gratitude. It disappoints me when it is true surprise that someone has gone above and beyond for them. Each time I hand out a cookie I hope I am also letting the person know that I am willing to spend the time- whatever that time may mean to them, time to share, time to work out a problem, time to help. We all need to find our ‘cookies’ in our lives, the way we can go the extra mile for our friends, acquaintances, or even perfect strangers, just because we can.