I Believe

Devon - Portland Oregon, Oregon
Entered on January 13, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that everyone should have a chance to do or get anything they want.

I feel this way because I came from Canada to America for a better future, but the

only way to stay here was to get a green card, which in my opinion is the hardest

thing to get in America.

When I think back to how long it was when we first moved

to America, I think of how far we have got today. Before I moved to America I felt

invincible, but now I feel like a chicken with it’s faith placed in the hands of a farmer,

either let it live or kill it for food. Let us stay here or make us leave. After waiting six

years now for a green card I feel discouraged, frustrated, and annoyed, but I think it

shows a lot about my family and it can show what people can try for and receive for

their efforts.

I think people like my family should try different things and understand that

it requires hard work, sweat, and tears. From experience of moving I have learned

many different things, like switching from caring about myself to caring for others.

I hope that everyone will at least try at get something one day and get it just

like me, who got that amazing green card six years later. People should also learn

from these experiences of getting something they want by trying hard and learning

different values while working towards their goal. I also believe that people who

aren’t too busy should support those that are struggling and need the most help.

They should do this by (1 asking them what the situation is (2 helping that person

with the problem and (3 supporting them the whole way while trying to get that one

thing they want so desperately, I also encourage people to tell their stories and

inspire others. Don’t be shy to tell it to the world because people want to

know what’s going on out there, Especially family members. Family can also help

you out with depressing times by picking you up off your feet in time of need for

support. They could lend you money or even give you ideas on what to do.

You also need to believe in yourself. You can’t expect others to believe in you

if you don’t believe in yourself. Your encouragement and strength are what inspire

you to pursue your dream in life. No matter what, everyone has the capacity of

pursuing their dreams. What will affect if they reach these dreams or not is how

motivated they are and how high their perseverance and desire is to meet their goal.

The real question is, are you going to push yourself to reach your dreams in your