This I Believe

zac - Newark, Ohio
Entered on January 13, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30

This I Believe

In this I will tell you what I believe in and why it matters to me the most. I believe in a freedom to have an opinion and to have the right to say whatever is on your mined. I also believe in the right to bear arms because I live in a rich environment of deer and I like to hunt. In the next couple paragraphs I will go into more detail about my thoughts.

Ok first off my beliefs on opinions and the right to say whets on your mind. It is imperative for my to give my prospective on things like the government and just every day things. With out the right to speak your mind then the government would be worse off then it is that’s my opinion. Truly I like to know what people think about things so I can change it or someone else can change it.

The right to bear arms is very important because besides hunting is to protect your family if necessary. I mean if the government was the only ones with guns then it would most likely not be a dictatorship or something along those lines. I feel everyone has the right to protect them selves and not just depend on the government to protect them. Hunting is very important to because it keeps the population of the wild life to be at an up keep. I hunt all the time when in season it is fun and a way to get food instead of just going to the store for food.

To conclude this I would like to take the time to tell you to not be stopped by any one to state your opinion and state it might change something in your environment for the good. I tell people my opinion all the time and either it helps for the good or it doesn’t. My other thought is to not have the government take the second amendment because my opinion it is one of the most important amendments their is