This I Believe

Sungbok - Glendale, California
Entered on January 13, 2009
Age Group: 50 - 65

The complete slogan reads:

“There’s probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life.”

They, the atheists, are persuading the general public and the believers that there is no God, and so there is no judgment, and thus nobody would fall into Hell and thus you don’t need to worry about (Hell). Do you agree?

First of all, the atheists affirm that God does not exist. Then, why they used the word “probably?” Because they want to make God’s existence doubtful. That is, they want to make the general public and the believers ask themselves the question of “Does God really exist…?” or “How this can happen if God exists…?”

That reminds us the question of the serpent (Satan): “Did God really say …?” in Genesis 3:1 (NIV). Adam and Eve were deceived by the question and Satan’s evil power was able to penetrate our mind that was once pure and God endowed. The same tactic seems adopted in the slogan by the atheists.

Secondly, as the atheists insist, you can enjoy your life by doing whatever you like to do. You can do it without hurting other peoples and thus do so without any guilty feeling. However, such a naive mindset can and will destroy yourself. That is the very purpose of Satan. Are you really confident that you can control yourself perfectly? Look into the dark side of your mind. Don’t you think we all are weak and can be easily defeated by the evil temptation? Think about drug, alcohol or gambling addiction and any physical, sensual and materialistic temptations. You should be aware of the real danger and pitfall of self-destruction if you follow the slogan by the atheists.

You can not overcome the evil temptation by yourself. You should rely upon Divine Power to deal with it. Jesus Christ was able to defeat the Evil’s temptation by that way. You can do it, too, as Jesus did, by following God’s words. However, if you deny God’s existence or God’s authority over the evil power, you are separated from such a power and protection. Then what would be your destiny?

I will not say “There is probably God.” God is always with you and loves you. Hell exists and so does Heaven. That’s why Jesus came. He defeated the evil and made the road to Heaven for us. Why not following him? May God bless us.