Life in Music

Danea - Rockford, Michigan
Entered on January 13, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: creativity

Music is the center of this world. Every moment and every motion is trapped in a rhythm, a beat and a pitch. Every thought and every emotion can be expressed in music, even if not in words. It is a universal form of communication that defies all language.

Take for example high school hallways. Every pair of feet in the hall is moving in its own up and down beat pattern. Every foot has its own style of moving, its own mood; which is directly affected by emotion. Emotion that makes the drumbeat of the heart, the drumbeat of the foot.

Music is also in speech. Voice inflection, though not singing, is a song of the craziest kind. It is only with a speaking voice that one can create such insane inflections and rapid changes of tone. Speaking is simple and complicated music.

Music is also created in the chain reactions of nature. A man could walk out of his house in heavy boots, setting a thick beat on the forest floor. He saws a tree down, emulating tragedy. The tree falls in a crescendo towards death, with an echo that sends a wave trembling for miles. This wave causes flocks of birds to take rapid flight, beating their wings like a chorus of crashing gongs, and to cry and sing. Their wing beats move the air, pushing wind to flow through the hair of a young girl, making her smile. Nature creates a symphony, not on purpose, but simply by existing.

Even the planets and stars in the universe spin on a timed rhythm.

This I believe: life is music, music is life. Without pulse, birds wouldn’t be able to beat their wings and they couldn’t fly. Without pitch, humans couldn’t speak, lions couldn’t roar, trees couldn’t tremble when they smash on the ground. Without music, a crucial connection between beings, human or not, couldn’t be. This world and everything surrounding it depends on music and would wither without it.