Faith based hate

Jake - Rockford, Michigan
Entered on January 13, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

I was born on a Wednesday. The following Sunday would be my introduction to church, religion and God. I would go to church every Sunday from then on out, unless my family had something else going on that day. My family is large; My family is loud; My family is Catholic. Throughout our relative’s households, the kids in one room, the adults in another, my Grandma will yell “Who wants to say grace?” and an unknown suspect will squeal “grace.” and we will all chuckle as if it were funny. It has never been funny. Then, without warning, we all start “bless us o lord for these thy gifts…” As if we are reading from a cue card. While spewing these 23 words from muscle memory I think to myself “Does this prayer make any difference? What if we weren’t to pray? Would the world be a better place?” I don’t understand how anyone can buy into religion. I don’t see what’s so inciting about it. I assume, at one point, there was one religion, and everyone agreed, and complied with it. Unfortunately, as people evolve, and traveled, throughout the world, they changed there beliefs to adhere to their own desires. Because of this, people are constantly fighting, believing theirs is the one true religion. Religion is where people find peace and tranquillity. Peace and battle aren’t synonyms, in fact, they’re antonyms. My experience is religion, though it may work for singular people, causes chaos in the world. Now, I’ve never, technically, “read” the bible, but I’m pretty sure a major theme is to help your fellow man. The turmoil religion has caused is the opposite of helping your fellow man. I grew up catholic and most of my friends are atheists. People seem to turn to atheism because they hate religion, well, I hate religion and I’m not an atheist. People don’t seem to realize atheism is just as much a religion as Catholicism, or Judaism. This I believe, religion has caused more harm, than good.