Katrina - Belmont, Michigan
Entered on January 13, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30

Belief is an ever-present and ever-changing part of our lives, whether an individual acknowledges it or not. Whether they believe in God, Buddha, no supreme being at all, or Santa, they believe in something. No matter what they believe it is true, because it’s true to them.

Our beliefs begin in the early years of our childhood. They are concrete for the time being and are mirror images of our parents. As a child, I knew there was a god. We went to church every Wednesday and Sunday. My pastor spoke of God and Jesus as if he had met them personally and my parents confirmed the stories. My childlike faith in the adults around me led to a childlike faith in God. Just like Santa, he had to be there. Of course children hit a point when they are no longer children. The process is slow, and I cannot pinpoint the exact date in which I changed, but there came a point when I no longer believed in Santa, and I knew there was no God. This new discovery was perfectly fine with me although many adults told me I would go to Hell for my new found beliefs. But just as a child grows and loses their childlike ways, the adolescent grows and changes as well. By the time I hit my early teens I thought there might be a god. Just maybe if I believed hard enough, I wouldn’t have that nagging doubt in the back of my mind telling me that I was alone in the universe. Once again though, my perspective changed. My father remarried and his new wife brought along her four daughters. They were perfect, smiling and happy, and they changed me. Once again the process was slow but something about those girls made me believe again. I’m still not sure exactly what is out there, but I know there must be something or someone; my four sisters could not exist without it, and I know my belief is true.

Beliefs are constantly changing; if an individual was wrong in their first beliefs, who’s to say they aren’t wrong again. My beliefs have changed throughout the years and I cannot believe that I was wrong then and am suddenly correct now. People have different beliefs as well and there is always more than one way to think. Thus, I believe that no matter what you believe, it is true because it is true to you.