A Good Dose of Balance

Clay - Rockford, Michigan
Entered on January 13, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in moderation. All things are meant to be enjoyed; however, too much of any one thing can be harmful. The best example of this is food. With its limitless varieties, there are kinds to be enjoyed by everyone. Who doesn’t savor the taste of a juicy steak perfectly grilled to match your desire? Or, what about the flavor of your favorite ice cream? Everybody enjoys some type of food; however, some enjoy it way too much or too little. Our body was made to give us signs of how to properly moderate food. If you eat too much, your stomach begins to hurt. If, over a longer period of time, you eat too much then your stomach begins to grow further out, waving in your face that you don’t practice good enough moderation. If we eat too little our stomach will begin to show signs of hunger or even cramp.

Other areas where moderation should be practice would include our social life. Friends are meant to be enjoyed and are there to support you. If all we do is hang out with friends then we grow dependent and overly extroverted. We then have no time to reflect and renew ourselves. If we don’t ever enjoy another person’s presence, then we become isolated and unable to effectively communicate to people.

There are numerous more examples that fit with the idea of moderation. All I can say is that each thing is for our enjoyment, but not indulged upon. We were designed to benefit from these things through our five senses and ability to communicate with others. A person can tell if they aren’t moderate when they become dependent and live only for the next time they eat or hang out with friends. If you do this, you miss out on the many other cool things in life, all of which are meant to be enjoyed…in moderation.