The power of hate

Molly - 49306, Michigan
Entered on January 13, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: good & evil

I believe in the power of hate. I believe that hate, if given the chance, has the ability to engulf us and conquer all that we are. I believe that hate can control our every thought and action and that this hate can lead to destruction beyond comprehension of those who have yet experienced the tribulation of hate. Yet, despite these adverse connotations existing with hate, I still believe in its imperativeness. Although hate has the power to devastate, hate also holds the power to drive change and demand the betterment of who we are. I don’t believe in The Beatles cover title “Love is all you Need”, for love doesn’t generate the passion and fervency of that of pure, unadulterated, genuine hate. The intensity that hate holds has the force to alter even the most stubborn habit and to revise characteristics that come even somewhat close to similar to that which we hate. For example, appreciating and admiring a loyal, monogamous relationship between two people won’t induce one to do the same in their own relationship, however, the absolute loathing of a dishonest, disloyal relationship may have the effectiveness to alter the way one conducts themselves in their own relationship. To believe in hate must not be confused with an ignorant, hostile demeanor, but hate simply offers a knave. We can become better people if we not only strive towards what we love, but if we strive even more against what we hate. Although the bible and other holy books may think otherwise, hate is necessary for the betterment of ourselves. Love teaches us how to act, but more importantly, hate teaches us how not to act. Without ignoring or belittling the horrors and devastations caused by hate, I still believe that in the right context and within the proper boundaries, the passions which reside from hate can, in the end, be more helpful than harmful. I believe that hate enables us to become something more, and as long as hate becomes nothing more than a driving force to better ourselves, then I will continue to believe in the power of hate.