A World of Runners

Ellen - Belmont, Michigan
Entered on January 13, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: sports

I believe in running as a universal cure-all. I believe in the serenity of a perfect ten miles in the brisk cold and dusty snow, in the feeling of euphoria and exhaustion following an intense hill workout in the burning sun. Running serves a multitude of purposes: a healthier body and immune system, the leave of aches and pains, increased mental health and self awareness, and fabulous friends.

On the most basic level, running keeps a person healthy. It gives them energy and happiness, and it takes away headaches or colds. When people feel good, they are more pleasant to be around. Thus, if everyone knew the joys of running, the world would be a happier place. One would also be able to accomplish more while working, or stay awake during school. I know how difficult it is to stay awake during classes sometimes, but only when I have taken a break from running. When I start again, I can pay attention and do my homework.

Running also allows one to better know themselves, as a run is the perfect time to just think. It is during those long, lonely miles that one realizes who they are, and what they want in this world. It is during those miles that one can think about absolutely nothing, and when the run is over, they still feel more peaceful inside, because when one runs, they are free.

Running with friends also increases one’s self knowledge, as well as creating super-strong relationships. My running friends know me better than anyone else because when I run, I think out loud. Then we can talk about everything because, really, what else is there to do when one is with people they are comfortable around and they still have another five miles to go? Runners also spend hours together every week laughing, sweating, breathing hard, crying, vomiting, getting really sore and tired, stopping, and starting again. The relationship this builds is wonderful, and it’s necessary in life to have great friends.

Whether it be an easy three miles, a slow, long run, a quick-paced tempo, or up and down hills, there is a run for everyone. One can run alone or with lots of people, in the sun or the snow, through the city or in the woods. All one needs is a pair of shoes, and they can run. They can run whatever they want, wherever they please. Running doesn’t discriminate. Everyone has to be dedicated to be fast, and there will always be someone to beat.

I believe running makes life infinitely better. I believe there is value in every mile, something to be learned from every new run. I believe in running.