Coffee Has Mystical Powers.

Shannon - Rockford, Michigan
Entered on January 13, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that coffee is a microcosm of the diversity that connects our world. This rejuvenating beverage is enjoyed by people of all walks of life: from the royals drinking coffee from the gold rimmed china, to the gas station coffee drinker, to the Starbucks junkie. Drinkers consume strong black coffee to the caramel mocha frappachino with extra whip cream and an extra shot. There is such a diverse range of delicious beverages people can choose to quench their caffeine addiction, just like the diversity in humans on this planet. The variety available for the avid coffee drinker is even more diverse than the finished products. The beans came from all areas of the world, from South America, to Asia, to Africa. The diverse beans are harvested for the delectable drink. The beans are grown in an assortment of ways, some are sprayed heavily with pesticides, some are organic, some are genetically altered, and some are cultivated in a cat’s digestive system. The diverse ways the beans are grown and raised is similar to the diversity of ways humans are raised. The way a person is raised makes them an individual just like the beans individuality is derived from the way they are raised.

Once the beans are grown and processed the way the beverages are consumed is unique. It can be drunk on a first date in a coffee shop. A couple who has been married for years can drink it in their kitchen, the same way the have every day for the last thirty years. A business meeting can take a break to recaffeinate their brains. Or a group of friends can get together at a coffee shop the talk and hangout. That group of friends can order a variety of beverages: a black coffee, a latte, a cappuccino, a steamer, even a hot chocolate or a French soda. The beverages bring the people together. A conversation can be spurred from the assortment of beverages ordered: “What did you get?” “Is the ‘Grinch Latte’ any good?” “I don’t think I could order anything named that.” From there the conversation can evolve into a debate on the president elect’s cabinet choices, or the latest happenings with Chuck and Blair. The coffee is the part of the equation that is the constant, the part that dictates how the connecting between people will happen. Coffee is the essential because it is as diverse as the drinker dinking it. The diversity is not always easily seen but once the effort is but into figuring the coffee out, the coffee is as unique as the drinker.