Don’t Take It!

Jason - Louisville, Kentucky
Entered on January 12, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30

Don’t Take It!

When I sit at one of those sit-down restaurants looking over the menu, my mouth begins to water when the waitress brings out those fresh, hot rolls. Once I look over at those delicious rolls I see she only brought three of them for two people. In my mind, this makes no sense. We each eat one of these great rolls but, then there sits that one lonely roll. The only resolution that comes to my mind is that we should half the roll. This is because I believe in not taking the last roll.

When the time in the game is getting low and the score is extremely close, there is always that one person that hogs the ball to take that one last miracle shot. I do not really like having the responsibility of being the person to make or break the team’s win. It is entirely too much responsibility and I believe in not taking that last shot.

So you know when you go to the store and there is one thing that is on your list to purchase and you really need it. You start walking toward the certain item and as you are starting to reach for it this old lady is reaching for it too. Well, who could really take that last thing from a little old lady? I know that I don’t want to get into any kind an argument with anyone especially a cranky old lady that needs her cookies. This is why I believe in not taking a last item from an old lady.

Almost everyone likes pizza but, when it comes to taking that last slice that everyone wants I never do it. I do not like to be stingy when taking things that are available to anyone I am with. I believe in not taking the last slice of pizza.