Why I believe in Jay

Rebecca - Riverhead, New York
Entered on January 12, 2009
Age Group: 30 - 50
Themes: family

I believe in my husband, Jay because he has the faith to be patient. He was ready to get engaged after dating for three months and waited twice as long. He was ready to have children right after marriage but waited seven years. He is ready to live in an area where we can afford a house but is working two jobs and waiting five years so I can go to school here and we can be near my family. He is ready to dedicate himself to music but is willing to wait until its less of a risk so he can support our family.

I believe in Jay because he does what he says he will. He’s a good judge of his strengths and limitations and how they match a task at hand. He’s a good judge of space and time. He’s a good judge of how things can go wrong and can be corrected. He’s a good judge.

I believe in Jay because he’s humbly confident. He quietly goes about doing the good he says he will—and more—without bragging, complaining or making excuses.

I believe in Jay because he’s a stubborn neat freak. He’s not quite too good to be true.

I believe in Jay because he is without guile. He says what he thinks even if it’s not popular. He doesn’t see the point in pretending but enjoys make believe.

I believe in Jay because he believes in God. The night before I said I was ready to marry, he told God that if I were, he would take good care of me. He understands commitment is a free will offering, not conscription.

I believe in Jay because he believes in me. He encourages my writing, knows I will make the most of my experience and education, and believes we can make a beautiful life together, but only if we both do the making.