I Believe in Risk

Summer - Keizer, Oregon
Entered on January 12, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

Some say they would rather die than jump from an airplane, even with a perfectly safe and fully functional parachute. Some also say that youth need to spend less time “on the streets” and more time hitting the books. And still, some say no god will ever come from my generation. But I say they’re wrong, and I say they’re boring. I believe in risks. I’ve learned that “trial and error” is the best style of learning, and that through both my mistakes and successes I will learn how to change the world.

I have learned more abut myself and the world around my, not through my (almost) twelve years of schooling, but from just one year of exploring the weird and random… and sometimes slightly illegal. In the middle of my junior year, I began to live a little. I jaywalked, and learned to really look both ways before crossing the street, I learned to always call when I’m running late, because my family loves and cares about me. I learned that the littlest thins can cheer up a best friend, when I stole a “Whitney Street” road sign (it’s hanging in her room to this day).

Most of all, I’ve learned that time does fly, because I’ve seen it — and have not just been told so. If I plan to do anything of importance, I better do it yesterday and never tomorrow. The silly and sometimes “juvenile” things in life are what make it exciting. And the people are what make it worth living. I would rather learn from experiences with my friends than from a lecture any day. I believe in fun, and “out of the box” self-learning.