This I Believe

Victoria - Chatham, New Jersey
Entered on January 12, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that miracles come true. Come with me, and you, too will see that miracles do come true.

It all started about fifteen, almost sixteen years ago, on December 21st, 1992. There was a mother who was a high-risk pregnancy but her doctor was not very careful, and did not treat her as such. She was due in early March but was rushed to the hospital this fateful winter day with excruciating chest pain. She was having a dissecting aorta, which is when one of the arteries off of the heart tear. She wasn’t receiving any blood to her legs or kidneys. Because of the non- circulating blood the doctors did not questioned whether the unborn baby or fetus would survive. They said it wouldn’t. They told her husband that if the child was born alive it would be mentally ill or brain damaged. They did not say, “ There is a fifty percent chance the baby will be fine, twenty percent they will be slow…” No, they said either dead or brain damaged. Meanwhile, the doctors stabilized the mother, and preformed an emergency c- section on her. The baby girl was born at 3 Lbs. 13 oz. As soon as the baby had been removed they immediately took the mother for emergency open-heart surgery. They repaired her heart, and at the time she became paralyzed from the waist down. She spent the next few months learning how to walk again. The baby went home a few weeks after birth as a healthy but small preemie. They did not know what the future held for them as a family, as a couple, would they be able to live a happy life, go to the beach, watch their daughter graduate high school?

Despite everything some of the best doctors in the country said about her future, she has proved them wrong. She has perfect eyesight, an honor roll student and an n athlete. Her brain is perfect, (her friends may beg to differ) but it is a model brain, if there is such a thing. Her mommy is healthy; she has to walk with braces but is wonderful. She is the most joyful and beautiful woman inside and out. She is incredibly intelligent, hilarious and sometimes even cool. She is as active as she possibly can be, swimming and working out. It is funny because sometimes people look at this part of their lives as tragic but it really is not. They as a family look at it as a blessing. The trials they dealt with as a family has made them more compassionate towards others in turn going through trials. They are the closest family around; they love and respect each other and genuinely enjoy each other’s company. They have been so blessed by God. He granted them a miracle, the miracle of their daughter’s life and her mom’s mobility. There are no statistics or worldly explanations for this event or even more importantly her life. She was not saved by chance, miracles do come true.

There is an ending to every tale; this story is still being written not by them or me but by God. Although they do not know what the future holds, I can tell you that the end of their story is filled with joy, peace and faith which were all based on this miracle. My name is Victoria and I am literally victorious. I am almost sixteen years old, I am one inch below six feet and life is good. God is good. And yes, I believe that miracles happen.