Alisa - Malta, Ohio
Entered on January 12, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

What drives people to just have one belief that they can share with the world? We all have many beliefs that we wish to share. The real question is how we choose to have just one to elaborate on and tell the world about. Passion. I wish the world could feel the passion I feel. I’m so hyped up sometimes I wish the world could feel it as well. If only I could find a way to show how I really felt inside. Sarah Dessen does it in her writing, if only I could follow suite. Whenever I do decide to write about something, my thoughts seem to get jumbled in my mind. My writing can’t focus on one topic, leaving the reader confused and unsatisfied. I want to be able to explain myself in great detail and let the reader know how I feel inside. In some cases when I am passionate about something and choose to write about it, others haven’t begun to think on the subject; therefore, no matter how hard I do try, never really am able to reach them. Leaving me unsatisfied and hurt that they couldn’t understand me.

People feel passion so differently. How is one person supposed to know which strings to pull to let the other know how they feel? Passion has no limitations. I wonder how one knows if someone feels the same way as them about things. Even if my mind wasn’t discombobulated, and knew how to stay on topic, I’m curious how I’d begin to describe the way I feel about one given thing. People are so complicated and confusing, I’m afraid that I wouldn’t know how to reach just one person let alone thousands upon thousands with only one essay.

I am immensely passionate and sometimes people wonder if I feel anything at all. I usually discover my passion after reading a book, or listening to the right song. My passion sometimes comes after I see something in my own personal life that gets me thinking. I know how I feel on the inside and cannot master the ability to show them on my outside. People are all different and I keep my passion to myself for the simple reason that everyone feels things differently. If I keep the way I feel about things than there’s no way for disappointment from others not understanding me. Though that’s not the way for me to live. By not taking risks, I hurt not only myself, I hurt the other people who do feel the same way I feel. If I’d only take that leap of faith, maybe I could reach someone and do something worth wild. Passion drives us to be great, whereas passion drives me to be bold.