The Ability to Change

Lauren - Tremont, Illinois
Entered on January 12, 2009
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: change

I believe that change can be and is good for the soul. Through out my life – however short it may be – I have experienced situations that have forced me, sometimes unwillingly, into different circumstances than I’m not necessarily comfortable with. Those are the moments that I find myself feeling a hesitation to take the plunge into the new and strange surroundings of my life and learn to grow in them.

I have noticed that often times, people are reluctant to change. I think this is because of the simple fact that they fear the unknown. They don’t want to change because they are afraid that the outcome, which is sometimes thought of as the consequence, will be negative. As a result, we as human beings, tend to gravitate toward comfort through familiarity. It acts as a security blanket for those frightened of venturing out of it. As cliché as it sounds, I believe that everyone should give change a chance; try it on for size.

By committing to change, a person is learning to accept new things. I believe it has the power to completely overhaul one’s point of view and outlook to not only seeing something different, but accepting and following on the journey to understanding it.

Since entering high school, I see that many high school students really are as judgmental and cruel as the books tell you. The main source of this hatred, in my opinion, is the undying fear of the actuality that not everyone is the same. The realization that wow, there is someone who isn’t like me, who does different activities and has different friends. This diversity follows you through life. I believe that if everyone attempted to accept the differences that face us, we could all eventually learn to understand the differences and instead of hating them, feel compassion or sympathy for someone else’s situation. It was once said to me,

“Once you understand someone, it is really hard to hate them”.

I pursue the goal of understanding and follow this philosophy in my daily life. It has helped me become the person I am today. I strive to not only see the good in people, but try to change the way other people see them. I want to change the world someday, and I believe that if everyone was willing to accept and work to change, the world would be a better place.