Ali’s Story

Ashlynn - shawnee, Kansas
Entered on January 12, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: setbacks

Ali was a wonderful woman, not many people knew but she made a huge difference on all our lives today. She was 19 and grew up in Leawood Kansas. She had always dreamed of one day working with needy children to make a difference in her community, but unfortunately she never got her chance. In June of 2002 Ali was brutally strangled and murdered at her neighborhood pool she worked at during the summer. When she got bored she would call her best friend to come up and stay with her, she had done this today, but she hadn’t stayed for very long. On her way out she past by a man entering the pool, but hadn’t thought much of it and kept walking. Two hours later, with no call from Ali saying she was on her way home, her Dad Roger went to look for her at the pool house. He arrived and didn’t see anything out of the ordinary until, he stepped into the pump room to see Ali’s body covered, and he immediately threw back the tarp and gasped, only to see his daughter lifeless and beaten. He thought to himself, the search is on to find Ali’s killer. When her best friend got the news, she had said “I walked right past the man who murdered Ali and had no clue. After eight long months Ali’s killer was still at large and there were no leads. Roger would not rest until the day his daughter’s killer would be put to justice. Soon after Roger thought of a plan, he was going to post billboards of the sketch Ali’s friend had helped the police had draw up. It wasn’t soon after that, that Ali’s killer had been caught, 30 year old Benjamin A. Ali soon went to be known as Ali K, a girl who had fought hard for her life and lost. Her father Roger K was not just going to stop there with the billboard. In honor of his daughter he started a foundation T.A.K.E (The Ali Kemp Educational foundation). T.A.K.E is for girls of all ages and is a free self defense class, teaching you things you may need to know if you were ever attacked, it only took Ali’s murder 15 minutes to commit this awful crime, I believe that anything can happen in a matter of minutes. Roger Kemp told all the girls as we took the class, “We want you to be able to come home at night”. This foundation also allows girls to participate in a fashion show, Ali’s Runway, because looking beautiful is just as empowering as self defending yourself. I believe that girls have the chance to fight for their lives. I believe that even though the man is stronger and a lot bigger, I can be smarter. I believe that Roger Kemp has started a foundation that is going to keep many girls safe and send them back to their families that night. I believe something wonderful can come out of something so horrible. Ali fought very hard for her life, but lost. Her dad was able to start this foundation in honor of Ali, and to educate girls on self defense. I believe that fighting like a girl can save your life.