Soccer Teaches

Tyler - McConnelsville, Ohio
Entered on January 12, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

Soccer is a game that teaches many things. Of these things it teaches teamwork, leadership, confidence, and it teaches you how to be proud even through the toughest times. My soccer team learned that this year.

This year started off just like any other. Early in the summer we began meeting in the high school weight room for some minor weight lifting, then go to our field for some drills. We questioned whether or not we would have a team because of the low numbers, (as we do every year), but the numbers would rise in the later days. This year was different for me. This year was the first time I would be the starting goalie for the varsity team, so I had to work extremely hard so I could do my best for the team.

The season came quicker than we expected, but we felt we were ready for it. We played our hardest all year long; only to fall short all 16 times. Many teams would have quit after the first couple of games after losing, but not us. During this season I learned many things, most of which were not about the game. I learned how to become a leader. In this I found that winning isn’t necessarily the best thing, and all you have to do is learn from the past.

When playing soccer it’s not what you’ve done in the past, it’s how you deal with it, and what you do in the future. In our case we couldn’t get over the past to conquer the future, and as a result we had a winless season.

So over the course of the season friendships were gained, and some were lost. Our coaches were a big part of helping us through this with great half time and pre game speeches. During the whole season we used hard work and had tremendous amounts of determination. These things got us through the season, and on our way to be better people. This is what soccer teaches you.