the day it became clear

curtis - solon, Ohio
Entered on January 12, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

Who do you think of when someone says role model? Mom? Dad? People who always stick up for you through day and night? You can not always follow all of these people as I have found out.

We all love and cherish our parents. You can not just drop off love at the side of the road and leave it to die. It isn’t like that. All parents always say “I love you through good times and bad.” I found out that this is not always true.

I always knew something was mentally wrong with my mother but I could not hit the nail on the head of what the real problem was. Either that or I just would not accept it. I wanted to believe that nothing bad could happen in my life. I wouldn’t believe that for long.

I took that forty-five minute drive over to my mom’s house that sunny bright Saturday morning. It seemed like the excitement would never stop. I finally pulled down that rocky drive way. Then as I opened that screeching door I noticed my mom sitting on the chair in the open living room looking puzzled as if something terrifying happened. I strolled over to her side giving her a hug and thinking, are you okay? We both said “I love you” and than we just sat there for a while. That whole day I kept nudging her to do

something but nothing would work. All day it seemed to be the same thing, nothing, nothing at all. She stumbled to her feet a few times. Those trips to the restroom did not go too well from the loss of balance she now had. Later that afternoon it happened. It seemed like there would never be an end. It was horrifying. She started shaking out of nowhere. She scared me half to death, so I called for my stepdad. “Brad!!!!!” I managed to squeeze the words out of my mouth. He came to help me figure out what to do. So many questions were racing through my head just like the top fuel dragsters torpedoing off the starting line.

We got through that long day but I figured my mom, not my role model.

I later talked to my dad about that whole day and he explained to me that my mother had a problem. I never thought of my mom the same after I saw her that day. I love her but she picked the wrong path.

I believe that kids need to follow their own dreams. Live life the way they want to and you don’t need to follow in your parents foot steps, no matter how well they are doing.