Band Camp

Esther - Solon, Ohio
Entered on January 12, 2009
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: setbacks

Band Camp

I fell on my back hitting my head on the cold hard concrete of the Walsh Collage parking lot, I felt nothing but extreme pain rushing from my knees. Looking up at the peaceful blue morning sky, I screamed bloody murder. The whole clarinet section huddling over me with their faces trembling in shock, blocking my view of the sky.

“Oh wow!” Sara said in a monotone voice with eyes filled with shock. “Someone go get Mr. K!” she ordered. I lay there on the ground gripping my knees, screaming like crazy, wondering what the heck just happened? Why didn’t I stop the first time my knees shifted out of place? My mind shifted through many thoughts at the speed of light, and my heart was pulsing pain all through my body as I waited for Mr. K and the other band directors to come. I tried to calm down, but the sigh of both of my knees seemed unreal, almost like a disturbing mage from a horror movie.

Finally Mr. K, the band camp nurse, Mr. L, and Mr. C arrive, and sat me up straight to see what was going on. “Just do it please! I’m begging you! It hurt so bad! Just pop them back in place!” I pleaded hoarsely with tears crashing down my face, like an avalanche.

“Are you sure?” asked the nurse with the fear of making the situation worse in her voice.

“Yes I’m sure! Please just pop the back!” I pleaded franticly.


“Okay,” She hesitated while she gently reached for my right ankle with her left hand and put her other on my knee.

“Aaahhhh!” I let out a high pitched scream, the pain bought me tears. Pop! My right knee was back into place. I was trembling on pains, as if I had been tasered 50 times incessantly. She then reached for my other leg. She gently repeated the process on my left leg. Unfortunately my knee did not shift back into place the first time. The nurse bent my knee and then straightened it again. It finally popped back into place. I sat on the cold tar waiting for the ambulance’s arrival.

They finally arrived and brought out a stretcher. “Hey, what happened here?”

“She dislocated both of her knees dancing,” They touched my knees trying to roll up my pant leg.

“Aaahhh!” I squealed again. The paramedics took out a pair of scissors and cut my pant leg to examine my knees. They brought out the back board and quickly strapped me in and I was off to the emergency room. As I laid in the stretcher I finally realized what my mom had meant about your body has limits. I believe now that your body gives you warning signs of what it can and cannot do, and that you should listen to them, or it can leave you in great agony.