A belief Hidden in Our Streets

Mayuri - san antonio, Texas
Entered on January 12, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30

War. It is difficult for one to grasp the magnitude of such a conflict. War. It is difficult to understand how people could hate each other to such an extent that they wish to abolish the other. War. It is prevalant. But war, exists for one reason and one reason only. A belief that I have come to realize through interaction with my own family. War persists due to a lack of knowledge and a strong foundation of a religion. Any religion. No, it doesn’t matter what religion one chooses; it only matters that one follows it with sincerity. Muslims vs. Hindus, Jews vs. Christians, Terrorists vs. the world. It all amounts to the same thing. No religion would allow such hatred and oppression of people. Many wars began with a certain people being greedy and then oppressing the people who deny them what they desire. Such an act would never be allowed in any religion. Now this realization came into play during a Thanksgiving dinner with family. After the recent Mumbai attacks, my family was rambling on and on about how the Muslims were so evil. Yes, their descriptions would amount to the word “evil”. Now what I concluded was this: In a modern society, living in America, there were still Hindu families like mine who simply hated the Muslims. Pure racism. But what leads to this exactly? It is that what I exactly mentioned: A lack of knowledge and a strong foundation of a religion. Sure, many people claim to be religious and yet go on to be racist. When ordinary people living in peace, in India or even in America, are hating the other race, how will war ever stop? If venom is spread all around the world, in our own streets, beginning with one simple racial slur, how in the world will there be peace? War is inevitable until people stop and realize what is going on. It has a ripple effect really. With knowledge, understanding, and tolerance for another race, another people, and with a true foundation in a religion– where peace and harmony are always rooted for– conflict would end. It is this belief that needs to spread. I found this through family– when will you grasp it? Look around, you’ll find it hidden in our streets.