I believe in finding shapes in the clouds

Maria - leawood, Kansas
Entered on January 12, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: nature, pleasure

At first glance, clouds are hard to be seen as more than just big puffy blobs in the sky. As you let your imagination wander, you start to see things you already know. Like an apple or a hand. Then, you start to see things you do not know. Like a four headed horse eating a bowl of spaghetti. You see, finding shapes in clouds sparks imagination. It sparks creativity. I believe in the power of your imagination, in the power of being creative. I remember the day I first saw clouds as more than just a visible mass of floating crystals in the atmosphere. I was laying in a park looking up, and I saw a dinosaur eating a person. It was so empowering. it takes you away from reality. I felt for the first time in a long time, alive. It was as if nothing in the world mattered. The wars, gas prices, economy, school, etc. Life was good, and it was because I took the time to let my imagination run wild. I felt like I was 5 years old again. It was a happy-high. I was whoever I wanted to be. I could be that dinosaur if I wanted to be. It may seem childish or immature, but I really do not care. Since when is having an imagination childish? Since when is finding yourself via cloud-watching immature? I believe in being a little immature.

Watching the clouds, time just seems to pass so slowly. It is like you have stopped time, and are watching time pass above your head. It’s just you and that dinosaur. Being a little childish never hurt anyone. I believe in driving with the windows down, in playing video games. I believe in believing, in knowing that another day will come. In knowing that tomorrow will carry a new set of clouds with all sorts of new weird things for you to find. I believe in not taking life too seriously, and that everyone deserves a day off where they just go and lay in a bed of grass. A day to just watch the world, and watch the world pass by while you lay safely below, watching it. This I believe