once in a lifetime miracles

Kristin - overland park, Kansas
Entered on January 11, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in once in a lifetime miracles. This isn’t anything like “hey here’s your miracle be ready because it’s the only one you will get.” It’s the miracle that you don’t realize until after the fact.

July 17th, 2008: It was the car wreck that no one should have walked away from let alone survived. The gut wrenching, heart pounding, silencing wreck the type that would never happen to anyone you know. I wish I could say the same but it happened and it was my brother and his pregnant wife.

“This is the wreck that we see fatalities, people who become paralyzed for life, or else worse.” The EMT’s said as they visited my family in the hospital, especially when a car is completely ripped in half with the passenger side taken off.

“If you were an on looker you could have easily assumed they were doing 80 mph easily, no way they were going under the speed limit.” My dad said talking to anyone who would listen.

There were five witnesses to the wreck and not a single one saw the ejection of my sister-in-law.

November 17th, 2008: Alexa Rose Franzen, my niece was born. My brother walked away with scratches, my sister-in-law with minor injuries, and their child unharmed in the womb.

I didn’t ask God to give me a miracle, but when it came down to my family I was going to put up a fight. Tears mixed with prayers, I didn’t expect anything from this but I received way more than I could even imagine.

My adorable niece constantly reminds me of the day we drove up upon the wreck and saw the crash that could have easily of torn my family apart. Miracles may be unnoticeable at first but once you take time to see everything that you’ve gone through and gained it’s the realization of the one defining miracle.

I don’t believe much in God or even in a whole lot but when it comes down to a firm belief it’s in the one defining miracle you experience in life.