Bending Frienships

Katy - Chattanooga, Tennessee
Entered on January 11, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

In 6th grade I hung out with a big group of girls. We had our fights and our differences, but all in all we go along pretty well. It was fun when we were together and we barely talked to anyone out of our table at lunch. We had other friends just at school those were the people we usually were with. We would always get mad at each other and someone would get hurt, but in the end everything worked out. We helped each other out on what guys to dance with and stuff. It was always fun at each other’s houses. We never had a dull moment in our life.

In 7th grade two girls form my softball team came to GPS. I kind of forgot my other friends that I was close to for them. I was always with them and I always had a good time. We really never had any fights and would be with each other on the weekends. So whenever I would ask some of the people I hung out with in 6th grade what was different about me. Well they would always say you are hanging out with Madison, Morgan and Cassi. It is like you forgot we are here. When I heard that I felt bad and I tried to hang out with both, but I always found myself back with the three girls I had been with for like my lifetime.

When 8th grade started I hung out with Cassi and Abby. I like never saw Madison and Morgan because they were now in 9th grade. I still did not hang out with my group of friends that mush from the 6th grade. Wanting to hang out with them was different. I still wanted to hang out with them, but thinking back on it I did not know if they would let me since I stopped after 6th grade. I still think about sitting and eating lunch with them every day and I never do. Something keeps telling me that they may not want me there or that they think I was a jerk. I hang out with the same people that I eat lunch with, not really anyone else.

I have always had a few friends that have been there, but one name sticks out. That girl is Chappel Sharrock. Ever since 6th grade we have been like inseparable. Yes, we get in fights and we get mad at each other and then we realize how empty our life is without each other. We sit next to each other in a lot of our classes. I know she will always be there for me. Now I did not add the other stuff because all friendships don’t work out because that’s now true. I am just saying that some people you think are your friends may not turn out to be in the end.