Not Just A Sibling, But A Role Model As Well

Kit - Gibsonia, Pennsylvania
Entered on January 11, 2009
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family, love

My sister has always been a huge impact on my life. She has helped me through so much, taught me so much about life, boys and clothes, and has always been there for me when I’ve needed her. My sister is my role model and one day I wish to be like her. I spent everyday with my sister up until this year when she went off to college. When I had to say goodbye to her, it was one of the worst moments in my life. She’s been away for about two months now, but to me, it seems like she’s been away for 2 years. And although we used to fight a lot and get on each other’s nerves, the day she left I regretted every time I yelled at her and it was like we never fought. I believe that people should cherish what is important to them because in one moment, that important thing in one’s life can be gone. No matter the circumstances one’s in with a loved one, that person should always make things right because in a blink of an eye, the loved one could be gone, or in my case, off to college.

Many people take their loved ones for granted. Most of those people never apologize or make things right between a loved one if they were to fight. They just go on with their lives and think everything will be okay and their loved one will understand. But I bet, if those people who take their loved ones for granted have a loved one move or pass away, that person would regret every bad thing he or she said or did to his or her loved one. Many bad and upsetting events occur in one’s life and that person never knows when or what will happen. It’s all a twist in fate in that anything can happen at any given time. Therefore, one must take advantage of the time that he or she has with a loved one, because in any minute, that loved one could be gone.

I just visited my sister at college and it was the happiest two days I’ve had in two months. When I was with her it seemed like no time has passed and as if she had never left. I believe it felt so normal because my sister and I never left any tension between when she went away, and therefore, neither of us regretting any wrong doing we did to each other. I believe one should cherish their loved ones because in a split second, that loved one could be gone.