Living Through Tommy

LeeAnn - Overland Park, Kansas
Entered on January 9, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

Nine years old and having his eighteen year old brother as a role model was all he could think about. Until one day when Mark’s dream of becoming his big brother Tommy came to a sudden halt. It was the night of August 30th when it happened. Tommy and three of his friends were out having fun and making responsible decisions. Tommy in the driver seat, passing through the intersection, he did not know what their fate held. Coming at a very high speed, another driver from across the intersection headed right at Tommy’s car. It hit them straight on and ripped off the driver’s side door, rolling the car four times before it came to a stop. Out of the four teenage boys in the car, Vincent Alloy was the only survivor.

The only one able to see Tommy’s body was his mother because she had to identify him to finalize that his life was over. Mark never got to see his older brother after his death. He believed he could make Tommy his role model. Mark, though just a little kid, realized that Tommy can still live on inside of him. Mark learned from his mistakes and treasured his accomplishments. He thought that his life was beginning to get back on the right track around age twelve. Having an abusive alcoholic father was a detriment in his life as well as the death of his big brother three years ago. Mark’s father was rarely found sober and one night his liver failed and was pronounced dead. Within a course of three years, his brother and dad had both disappeared from his life.

Despite all the hardships and terrors Mark endured, he still believed he could become what Tommy had not had a chance to. He got involved in a wide range of drugs but then finally got his life turned around. It took about fifteen years for his stubbornness, bad decisions, and this treacherous phase of his life to dissolve into the past. To this day, he has a wife, three wonderful daughters and is thriving greatly in his career. Mark set goals, aspired to meet them, he believed in Tommy, and most importantly himself. Anything is possible to overcome in life, if you just believe.