This I believe One Chance

Andrew - St. Louis, Missouri
Entered on January 9, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in one chance. This one chance represents our one shot in life, at making a name for ourselves. The reason I believe this is, because you do not here about any people making news after they’ve died or before they are born. So if we want to feel as if we’ve lived an acceptable life among the standards of society now, it seems that we need to make that best of this one chance. However it truly should be that the one chance is only there to impress ourselves in this one life and make the better of the one chance to match what we think is successful.

Our lives have changed more and more recently and now we are more guided by what society and what celebrity and pop culture shows us. These are high standards and we should not allow these views to get in our way and make us think that even though we have succeeded in our own minds, yet it seems we did not succeed when comparing our lives to those who have changed history or that are in the entertainment world. I believe we should live our own to our own standings and make sure we use the one chance we have to fulfill our own standards and make the best of it.