The Power of Smiles

Leslie - Ramsey, Minnesota
Entered on January 9, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in the power of smiles, the power to cause relief. To me a smile is the physical way for your soul to show the joy and laughter that has been presented to it. A smile is a way to let the world know how you are feeling, and although a frown does the same thing, a smile is very different. A good true smile shows how your whole mind, body, and soul have been enveloped into a bubble of true bliss. A smile is the one real joy.

I starred at the clock on my social studies teacher’s wall, willing time to stop. It couldn’t, I wouldn’t let it happen. And yet there I sat, watching time go. I watched the clock until it struck 9:05, the time my mom told me my dog Penny would be put to sleep.. It was in the moment that my dog’s life was taken from her. I suppressed a sob and tried to pay attention to the teacher, but my eyes wouldn’t focus. I struggled until my friend tapped me on the shoulder I turned to look. She saw I was almost in tears so she just smiled. And that smile, though it didn’t take away the pain, it gave me a moment.

That smile rescued me from the dark depths of despair and although its powers could not cause me the joy of the world, it brought me a moment of pure relief. Even when my world seemed to have crashed and burned to a crisp all around me, that smile saved me. It was just a moment but in that moment it all seemed ok. That moment was small but a smile is always an intoxicating thing.

The smile may last a few seconds but the effects only slowly begin, because from then on out that smile has made an impression on you. In fact as time goes you may begin to grow a little smile of your own. It is like flipping a coin in slow motion. It may do a few flips, twists, and turns in the air but it will land someday. And unlike other coins the coin of emotions always seems to land on the right side.