I believe in movies

Jack - st. louis, Missouri
Entered on January 9, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

Movie they are the center point of American culture, they are the voice for some people and the entertainment for others. Movies show us sadness as well as comedy; they illustrate love as well as hatred, they show us violence as well as love. It is film that guides our beliefs through documentaries and captivates our dreams through adventures. I believe that throughout the last century movies engage our feelings during certain times. Movies to me are the best way to shape your mood, what is the better relief in times of sadness than to watch a comedy. In a time of realism to watch an epic or in a time of anger to watch a documentary that treats your beliefs.

I believe that my opinions have been shaped by films, along with my parent’s guidance. With films I have a visual tool to further my knowledge, whether it be a documentary on healthcare or an epic on the Roman empire, movies help me to understand complex topics. To me movies are one of the influence that guide people through life; I believe that movies shape our lives.