America’s Past Time

William - Valley Park, Missouri
Entered on January 9, 2009
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: sports

This I believe…that baseball is still Americas past time. Even through all of the steroid allegations are going on, and that many of our favorite players are being taken down by that, we still love the game. Baseball has been around since the early 1900’s and is still one the top sports in America today. Kids love watching their favorite players make plays and hit homeruns, they don’t care who did what in their past. For some kids, coming to a game is the first time to see a whole field of grass. Most kids don’t have a chance to play baseball in our inner cities.

I believe that our inner city programs should have a chance for kids to visit these stadiums and build some parks for kids to play sports. I think a portion of the player’s salary should go to this and other recreations for our city. Instead of the players buying their sixth car or third house they could give back to the baseball programs that gave to them when they were younger. If they didn’t have some of these fans or kids they would not be playing this sport today. I believe they should give back to the community that has supported them.