Music and Life

Matt - Chesterfield, Missouri
Entered on January 9, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe music has the power to change us and make us feel more than we would ever have the ability to do so without it. The music manages to make connections to events and places. The first song we ever slow danced to, the first song we ever bought, the national anthem. These songs draw an emotion from us. They manage to make us feel things we couldn’t have without them. When we hear that first song we slow danced to we can remember exactly what we had on, how beautiful she looked, where we were. It makes us remember what has long been forgotten by most people. These songs draw out that emotion. We might have remembered the event and felt a little pull of the heart, but you hear the song and once again your heart is pounding, hands sweating, and you feel five miles off the ground. It makes that small feeling more intense. When you hear that song that has been played at important time of your life you will remember and cherish the moment. Hearing it again will draw the emotions out of you and make it more powerful. Music drives us in one of the most powerful ways and has more power over us than we will ever know.