I Believe in Private Education

Nick - Ballwin, Missouri
Entered on January 9, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

Education is one of the greatest gifts that one could ever receive in their lifetime. Because of education, it doesn’t matter what color your skin is, whether you are male or female, white or black, or what you look like. It is a true distinguishing characteristic of each person, and it allows us to develop our own opinions and be unique in our own ways. For this reason, I believe in the gift of a private education where each student is given personal attention and given all the tools available to excel. Generally, there are many great benefits to private education, and coming from both public and private schools, I can vouch for that myself.

Public school is nice, but it just isn’t a personalized experience with the best interests of individual students in mind. Public schools, unfortunately, tend to have a much larger number of students and they have to find ways to teach all of them under the same curriculum with the same expectations in mind. For some students this is fine, but for others it just isn’t challenging enough or they aren’t getting the personal instruction they might need in order to do their best. Personally, I am very grateful that my parents made the switch to private school because I am one of the latter. I prefer to move at a faster pace than average, but math is really challenging for me so I like having the ability to get personal one-on –one help after school. That kind of attention isn’t so easy to get in public school. It has had a drastic impact on me personally because now I am challenged to the best of my ability and I am truly putting an effort into school. Another noticeable change is that I have many teachers and staff that I feel really care about me and want to help me be successful. This has really helped to motivate me and keep me on track, especially throughout high school. I am pretty confident that if every student received a private education, the world would be more sophisticated because everyone would learn more efficiently and learn to develop their own opinions rather than accept false images portrayed by the media. I believe it would also minimize drop-outs because I think that the main reason kids drop out of school is because they don’t receive enough attention or encouragement. Every student should have the opportunity of receiving a private education.