Being Yourself

Andrew - St Louis, Missouri
Entered on January 9, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

I’ve grown up in a community where everyone fallows styles and trends and sure there are a few people who are unique and do their own thing but they are regarded as weird or outcasts. I’m guilty myself for trying to fallow trends and trying to have the coolest cell phone and all that stuff. I am starting to realize though that as you and your peers mature they respect you more as you become more unique. If you see people who are in their 20s who are still trying to fallow the same trends as their friends, you can tell yourself they haven’t matured enough to be themselves. They are still insecure and are playing it safe.

My friends are all unique. I have a friend that was gothic but he matured out of it when he got into high school and he found his love for football and put his whole life towards that and even though he is done with his high school football career he still plays in a flag football league. One of my other friends has been unique the entire time I’ve known him. He does whatever he wants and he even joined G.S.A (gay straight alliance) and I know he isn’t gay but he supports them and I respect both of them for being themselves.

I try fallowing their examples by being myself but it is hard in the environment we grow up in today where the kids are basically trained to fallow the latest trends and looking back on it I feel like we were childish trying to fallow trends but it was just because we were and are still insecure with who we really are because we don’t want to be judged. I know it is impossible for everyone to be themselves but hopefully we will reach a point where most people grow out of insecurity.