This I Believe

Connor - 63017, Missouri
Entered on January 9, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

I believe America is the best place to live. I love America and am very patriotic. Every 4th of July is a great time for me and I have a good experience. I usually visit with my family and we shoot off fireworks and have lots of fun. I believe America is the best place to live because I grew up here and it gives me a sense of security. When I go to sleep at night I have an acknowledgement of being secure. America is a great place to live and I cherish it every day.

I believe that it is important to spend lots of time with your family. Eating dinner with your family I think is very important. You can share your thoughts about your day and you can socialize with them. Most nights I have a meal with my family. It can also help release some tension and stress you had that day and help you unwind and relax. I feel that it is better when I have meals together with my family because it makes me feel closer to them.

I also believe in a good education. I believe that education is critical in one’s life. Without education there aren’t many places one can go. You need to go to school and learn and then go to college. Without a degree is much harder to get a job. If you go to school you will meet all kinds of new people. It is good to see different people and socialize with them. I think that my believes are very important and I try and keep them alive every day.